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Nama Kiss is the love child of raw chocolatier girls- Angi & Andi Wolfgang! Angi & Andi started their chocolate affair in Tokyo, Japan, when they started Manna-Raw Vegan Restaurant. The chocolate desserts & chocolate parties abounded! After 5 lovely years in Japan, and LOTS of cacao highs later, they decided to move back to the US, where they couldn`t help but continue their love affair with cacao- and all its fruit & nut partners!

Angi & Andi are very strict about the 2 most important things in life - chocolate and partners – but before leaving Tokyo, Kae-chan won their hearts with her sweet smile, and she completed their love triangle! 


Angi has had a lifelong interest in self healing, nutrition, and exercise. She is also a musician and teaches music to children. Through fasting and a diet of predominately raw foods, Angi has lost 45 lbs (20 kg) and has greatly improved energy levels. After 5 years in Tokyo, Angi now lives in the US. 

Andi has healed numerous allergies and lost 65 lbs (29.5 kg) through raw foods and periodic fasting. She lives in the US and in addition to Nama Kiss, she works as an English teacher and health/lifestyle coach. For consulting info, click here.

Kae had a fateful encounter with Angi and Andi in the Spring of 2010, after which the three of them started working together at Nama Kiss Chocolat. Several years before, while living in NYC, she was given the chance to do an internship at the famous raw food restaurant "Quintessence" after she interviewed the owner for a Japanese magazine.
Kae is qualified as a psychological counselor, American medical herbalist and homeopath. Exploring Natural Health is her life’s work. She hopes to spread happiness to the world with Angi and Andi. 


Angi & Andi grew up on traditional foods, but after they discovered the benefits of rawfood, health became their passion! After moving to Tokyo, Angi & Andi were having a really hard time finding raw or even vegan sweets, so they decided to create their own at home. Wanting to delight friends and encourage them to try a healthy dessert, Angi & Andi created Nama Kiss Chocolat as a delicious alternative to standard sweets.

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